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Wyntra Johnson is a secret writer and someone who once struggled with depression and anxiety. For a long time, she was full of self-doubt and fear until one day she decided to take a stand and fight for her life, the life she knew God intended for her to have. Wyntra acknowledged her struggles and through her obedience to God is sharing them with the world in hopes that someone else realizes they are not alone. 

An educator by day, Wyntra has secretly wanted to share her talents with the world however, every time she sat down to put pen to paper she heard God say, “That’s not what I want you to write. Reveal yourself first and I will continue to bless your writing.” 

Wyntra is not a therapist nor does she claim to be an expert on depression, she is simply a survivor of mental illness. 

Following God’s lead, she decided to write her first novel to allow everyone to get to know her and to understand why she insists that we all “#KeepPedaling”. 

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