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I would like to say I just finished your book and it was the most informational, inspirational, and motivational book I have ever read!

You are very talented and brave woman! You have inspired me in so many ways that my mindset has shifted!

You have me ready than ever before to step out on Faith! God bless you because you have been blessed and will continue to receive blessings! I can’t wait for another excellent read! I’m speaking it into existence!

C. Parker

Your #KeepPedaling story has been a true blessing to me. Look at the blessing God has allowed you to have, because you choose to reveal and share the most difficult parts of your life. Thank you for sharing and I will definitely be sharing the word! Have a blessed and beautiful day! I believe that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

L. Edwards

Hey Wyntra, I got my book yesterday! Congratulations and OMG! I was going to read a little when I got in bed last night, but two hours later I had completed the entire book. I couldn't put it down! Thank you for your transparency and forcing me to acknowledge the faults within me. The strong, go getter, always seems to have it together leader that you see in me on the outside is truly not the person I am on the inside. I have insecurities you wouldn't believe and since this pandemic, I have been wondering if depression is one of my traits as well. No one knows how I feel on the inside and the struggles that I face, which I have become a pro at hiding. I never would have guessed some of your struggles as well. I see you as this always put together, calm and confident person. Again, thanks for being so open and bringing to light what I'm quite sure a lot of us are hiding. I will Keep Pedaling!


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